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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Turn You at My Reproof

Turn You at My Reproof

"Turn you at My reproof: behold, I will pour out My Spirit unto you, I will make known My words unto you." (Prov 1:23)

You commanded that I turn at Your reproof
That upon the outpouring of Your Spirit I may not from Your presence be aloof.
The charge was granted thus so plainly for You grant grace to the humble
But in the multitude of thoughts and words proud and resisted men do fumble.

For many snares lay privily in the way.
Innumerable bents from that straight way do seek my soul to sway.
And thus countless souls now damned and sunk in the ocean deep wrath do portray
The manner in which fates are sealed when once bright souls are allured away into oblivion and dismay.

What is this manner oh my soul mark it well
For of the similitude of rebellion and witchcraft, of stubbornness, iniquity, and idolatry the Scriptures do tell.
As with King Saul there were deceptions regarding burnt offerings and sacrifices
Deceptions that these can be thus when the LORD’s voice is not obeyed but the lust of the boast of self the deed of rebellion entices

Where the broken heart and contrite spirit is disregarded
When noble men turn wroth, prophets are oppressed, and His voice is discarded
When all His counsel is set as naught, correction was hated, for these would none of His reproof do.
This reproof their hearts despise though their souls He does with His rod pursue

Innumerable lusts of the flesh emanating with pride do arise.
Innumerable fears of man and self shame do the fearfulness of His WORD disguise.
The corruption of the deceitful heart do lock this soul into incoherence, and an uproar of denial to turn.
Oh I had forgotten the eternal pleasures that were at Christ’s right hand when I did feel myself a worm.

LORD I cannot draw near in these manifold temptations which do prosper the pride that warrants Your resistance.
What can I do but turn this battle at the gate, Oh King I cannot succeed with my army against Your’s though I come with persistence.
I may not overcome this Angel of the LORD lest I to His will conform
And in Your righteousness You will a holy wrenching of this hip perform.

Oh hide me from the misinterpretation of the prophet that arises within me from the stumbling blocks that accompany Your WORD towards Your prophets.
Let me see their noble intent as this wounded hip pains within its socket.
I know that the living Christ grips me hard for it is Him
Surely the pillars of heavens tremble and are astonished at this very reproof for my sin.

Would that poverty and shame not be mine, that I despise not my own soul, that correction be not grievous.
I entreat that Your reproofs would enter within me, that I may abide among Your wise and get understanding of what was once mysterious.
It is not man whom I seek to please, but the living Christ from whose mouth decreed the reproof of life
So may I not with the prophet come into endless strife.

It is a chance to behold the glory of Calvary yet once more
Reproofs are the stepping stones across this ocean of time until that beautiful shore.
Make me a babe, oh My Father, I only seek to be with You, to hear Your voice as each sheep does
That I may not fall into grief in contemplating the glorious shame of what I once was.

Garner a fire and lamp that I may hold fast to Your WORD.
For I have seen that this is the manner in which You seek to pour out Your Spirit upon me
Making me a recipient of the prophet’s anointing oil
Noble companions who do the works of the devil seek to foil.

Now all is at rest as fears of men and flesh subside and all I see is the Kingdom rising within my heart.
Your WORDs of life, Your peace and love that surpass knowledge Your Spirit does now impart.
Oh You have shown me grace, Your Son! He is alive and this Redeemer will soon arise and come upon the earth.
Righteousness, honor, glory, and immortality, perfect and eternal, if I every reproof turn at, will in perfection come to birth!

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