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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Impasse

The Impasse
The law’s righteous requirements are a wall too high to scale.
Many souls have endeavored and shrunk back hands limp and pale.
For to be reconciled to Him whose image in oneself has been desecrated
Lies before this impasse. For in the arm of flesh who has ever been consecrated?

The Spirit has reveal that one’s sin was so great
That in comparison to His perfect holiness, there could be only one fate.
What is more? Judgment and wrath loomed imminently overhead.
And thus would the soul enter into a place where too short to lie upon was the bed.

Then came Divine Providence, the drawing hand of this heavenly Father.
For the clay of this thorny rocky soil was into good soil turned by the gardening Potter.
Then came the Word, the royal seed, which took root, was well-grounded, and thus to perfection brought forth fruit.
And thus the impasse was crossed through the holy sacrifice of blood, and reconciliation followed suit.

These are those sacred events which have regenerated now holy souls.
The bottomless chasm of God-hating rebellion was in one moment removed by burning majestic coals.
Consider, wise ones, what constituted the soul of the one with good soil
Lest by carelessness, cares, riches, and tribulation the granted removing of the impasse, this plan, your adversary foil.

Good soil: the heart had seen that there was indeed an impasse.
That in one’s own devices, assets, powers, possessions, and strength, into hell’s lake, would he justly be cast.
Thus the heart could not lean upon its own understanding.
And into the ocean of relentless humility, the soul was every temptation to glory-in-flesh withstanding.

And so the heart the WORD understood, to it, persevered and held fast.
As to a light shining in a dark place the soul placed attention till was finished the impasse-crossing task
But those saints who have persevered have come to know
That many impasses were to follow and lie still ahead threatening woe.

They are the prowling of the roaring lion, the raging besetting sins of the flesh.
The impasse would arise yet again and again, and must be crossed in the same way to enter His rest
Novel and greater impasses yet lie ahead
Yet novel and greater glory and grace to be revealed would be if the soul stayed connected to Christ, the Head.

Thus to maintain that impasse-acknowledging heart of good soil
We do endeavor to see another revelation of salvific power, as we with our lamps carry this moral filth-dissolving oil.
Oh beloved saints, whatever impasse you do now face, yes, these giants that threaten to remove our eternal inheritance
Know that a converting gift of an atoning miracle He can to you provide for He may from His wrath yet relent.

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